How to Leverage Video Marketing for Your Small Business

Some Internet users prefer to experience a subject, product or service using video, as opposed to just reading it. Used wisely, online video can increase profits both directly and indirectly. A Business has many options when presenting its capabilities online.  The first thing that comes to mind is a business’ website.  This means that when […]

Why Small Business Should use SEO to Grow

In today’s modern world, the potential of advertising on the internet is being realized by small business owners. If you stop for a moment and think about it, the World Wide Web is being used increasingly to advertise and the internet is where the vast majority of consumers can be found.

New Google Places Layout in Search Results

Google has released a new layout for places listings, as they continue to work on making more money for themselves. I am waiting for them to charge for their places/maps listings … This of course impacts natural search rankings and shows how important the Google Places business listings really are these days; See this pic […]

SEO Powersuite Software very special offer

SEO Powersuite are offering a rank tracking cruise of the world wide web. If you act quickly you will get the Powersuite product, including Rank Tracker for checking rank results and SEO Spyglass for pulling competitor backlinks at a very special 60% off price! The software has other features as well like a Web Site […]

Things to be aware of when you use email for communication

Have you ever noticed that face to face communication works far better than email. Well here are some interesting points; Stats and research indicate that this percentage split shows how communication works between us humanoids; Words – 7% Tone – 38% Visual – 55% Email is good for data and facts, like we need this […]

Do you put all your eggs in one basket?

Where does one find success how elusive is it? Simplify and focus is my current motto, clarity about what you want to achieve is so important. Then picking a project and focussing on it, without distraction. This post is inspired by this rave by Derek Halpern over here, where he talks about putting all your […]

Choosing Google Places Categories

Choosing the right categories in Google is not so easy as Google does not tell you what they are exactly. You might find something close but how do you pick other categories? Consensus out there at the moment is you should not make categories up, but use what Google has available. Mike Blumenthal has released […]

Google Introduces new Place Search

Google has started showing new results including Places red pins directly in the SERPS. This shows that is critical that businesses make sure they are setup in Google Places / Maps correctly. Things to consider are; reviews and citations, optimising your google places listings and your website. If you need help with your Google Place […]