Google Places Sending Review & Confirm Listing Emails

Google has been sending out ‘Action Required” emails to business owners make sure you login and check your account and listing. One can only guess they are updating their database and also checking to see if anyone is checking the data is correct. After all keeping a live listing of every business on the planet […]

Google Says Enough Re Guest Posting Whats Next?

So Matt Cutts has come out said it guest posting is being overdone and is getting spammy. Now this reinforces my thoughts I’ve had for a while, that is quality guest posting as a trusted author is the only way forward. So if I’m a SEO i guest post on with the only link […]

Google Plus Rolls Out New Cover Image Size

Google has updated the cover image size on Google Plus in what is a good move i think, an advance on the previous layout for sure. The aspect is still 16:9 but the size is smaller, info now appears overlaid on the left with main cover photo on the right see below;       […]

Google+ Custom URLS Rollout

Been receiving emails offering new custom urls for g+ pages. No option at this point ot edit them so you either accept or wait and see if any updates happen. “You’re now eligible for a unique Google+ custom URL that lets you easily point folks to your page (no more long URLs!). Here’s what we’ve […]

Googles Matt Cutts at Pubcon Updates on Search

Many thx to Greg Finn for his post on Searchengineland link below, very interesting to see the summary of Matt Cutts keynote. I like the power and weight being given to Authorship the challenge is getting our clients to take this on. Link building certainly needs to be approached with care; “Google has cracked down […]

Google Adds Star Rating System to Maps G+

Google is introducing the star rating system across a range of its products, Google Maps for Mobile, Google Search and Google Plus Local. Local search really needs a lot of attention going forward as SEO evolves and multi-device use increases. From Google; We’re mapping individual ratings to the star system using the following framework: Previous […]

Google Updates Places Quality Guidelines

Just came through updates in the Google Places Quality guidelines ( with regards to practitioners and departments within businesses and it is always interesting to see what they are up to. Managing every business in the world using automated scraping is always going to be messy to get right. Quote : Do not create more […]

Social Networking Looking to Take Over as the Most Popular Online Activity

Social Networking Looking to Take Over as the Most Popular Online Activity Before the days of Friendster and MySpace, people mainly used the Internet to check their favorite news sites, see what is in their inboxes, chat with others, and search online for any information that they need. The popularly of online shopping has only […]

10 percent of google local search clicks go to google places pages

Wow interesting statements and answers coming from US senate hearing witness claims, from Nextag, Yelp, Fairsearch against Google; CLAIM: “Is a consumer (or a small business, for that matter) well served when Google artificially promotes its own properties regardless of merit? This has nothing to do with helping consumers get to the best information; it […]

Organic SEO

So what is organic seo? Unfortunately there are few terms kicking around in this arena which are not clear. For example what is the difference or meaning of ‘search engine marketing’ versus ‘search engine optimisation‘? Many folks use the term search engine marketing to refer to PPC or paid search where traffic is bought on […]