Google’s February Algo Update

Interesting to start seeing results of how this ‘Farmer’ update has effected serps and traffic.

Google’s statement that it effects 11.8% of its search results is surprising.  Targeting sites that have a low level of original content sounds good to me, sites like and have lost out. The dubious seo method of spinning content then blasting it out via auto submit software to juice links has always been a ugly method.

Google is now a monster generating $30 Billion in revenue last year and the barriers to entry keep getting bigger.
Google’s engineer Amit Singhal said; “this week’s change is the “biggest in years that targeted site quality” in particular…”
Sistrix data shows low quality sites losing out;

#DomainChangeSISTRIX (before)SISTRIX (after)# KWs (before)# KWs (after),5828,2274.02421.940,086,65184.50854.277,043,28178.37336.904,167,40152.99850.178,256,5586.47224.423,292,57216.42953.512,263,0142.4867.992,732,3227.5017.459,785,8362.03436.167,882,1826.0009.799,754,2849.54417.833,961,1682.27431.365,203,3933.2227.601,493,2333.8759.740,241,1321.5564.813,894,9023.2566.870,432,6793.34734.681,953,2774.50645.495,981,7464.81020.189,521,4633.64811.142,831,7937.36416.268,931,1167.31426.054,051,6238.3468.511,542,1970.78131.272,861,0816.4576.034


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