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SEO Consulting  that will deliver results now and into the future. Leverage our years of experience and exposure to a wide range of different markets, we know what works and we test, analyse and test again. Recent times may things have changed but results can still be obtained following the quality versus quantity rule. Links are still a element and need to approached carefully with less emphasis on keyword anchor text and more focus on brand and url links.

SEO Consulting Services Offered include;

  • Online Marketing Strategy
  • PPC Campaign Setup & Management
    • Adwords
    • YouTube
    • FaceBook
    • Bing
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Free Site Analysis & Rank Report
  • Local Business Listings Optimization, Google Places
  • On Site SEO
  • Link Building / Offsite SEO
  • CopyWriting
  • Reputation Management

Why would I optimise my site for search engines you ask?

  • to sell more products or services
  • get more traffic
  • users are ready to buy!
  • push your ‘brand’ – gain more exposure

Truth is there are tons of people out there online looking for information & ideas, to buy or research a purchase they want to make. What you need to do is get in front of them, to leverage the opportunity and grow your business.
Search Engine Optimisation is about making your site ‘Search Engine Friendly’ so what does that mean well, Search engines eat up things like;

  • lots of relevant content
  • good site structure that a spider or a bot can follow easily
  • lots of ‘votes’ or incoming links using keywords pointing to your site
  • fresh and updating items like reviews, news, blog posts, video is great to

Getting a SEO consultant involved at the beginning is a very good idea so you set up your the site the best way from the start. A good SEO will also advise on site messages, calls to action and conversion issues as well.

Contact us today if you are looking for a SEO specialist to work or consult on your sites.
We provide a honest upfront appraisal with no punches pulled and campaigns that will grow your business.

(US spelling Search Engine Optimization)

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