10 stages of social media business integration

Got to say i really liked this rave from Brian Solis on Social Media,where he talks about the steps businesses go through to get into this world.
Well worth a read here; http://www.briansolis.com/2010/01/the-10-stages-of-social-media-integration-in-business/
I loved the statement “An overnight success ten plus years in the making” , Social Media has crept up and now is massive in the scheme of things.
Question is how to leverage this ‘noise’ to create more traffic to your site/s?

His 10 Stages are;
Stage 1 – Observe and Report
Stage 2 – Setting the Stage + Dress Rehearsal
Stage 3 – Socializing Media
Stage 4 – Finding a Voice and a Sense of Purpose
Stage 5 – Putting Words into Action
Stage 6 – Humanizing the Brand and Defining the Experience
Stage 7 – Community
Stage 8 – Social Darwinism
Stage 9 – The Socialization of Business Processes
Stage 10 – Business Performance Metrics

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